Deep Fritz 12

Play chess against an beginner-level or grandmaster-level computer

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    Checkers & Chess

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    6.6 (185)

Deep Fritz is a video game that lets you play chess on your PC and includes a variety of features that both beginners and highly experienced players will love. While extensive knowledge of chess terms and different playing techniques isn't necessary, this game is a complete chess engine and a lot more advanced when compared to some of the recreational chess programs out there.

With Deep Fritz, you can play in either 2D or 3D mode, depending on the overall look that you prefer from your chess engine. You can select the difficulty level before starting a game and can opt to use a chess clock, just like the standard practice in competitive chess tournaments. Every move that you and the AI-controlled opponent made is annotated in standard chess notation format, so you can always go back to it later on if you're trying to improve your performance at chess and want to know what you could have done better.

There are many other more advanced features found in this game that make it particularly suitable for serious players. It can analyze your positions and compare them to millions of games played previously. You can also set the pieces on the chessboard to any position you want, allowing you to play out a wide range of scenarios against the computer. There's a training mode available, in which the program will give you some very helpful hints and advice on how to improve your chess skills, such as suggesting the next move or showing you the possible outcomes.

There have been several improvements made to the game over previous editions. The latest Deep Fritz game now comes with an engine that takes full advantage of advancements in PC hardware technology. It has been optimized to run on systems with multiple processors, performing the advanced calculations needed to power a chess engine a lot more efficiently. The game can run on both 32 and 64-bit systems, but its advanced analysis features work much better on a 64-bit PC.

The game gives players access to a wide range of online reference and learning materials about chess. If you want to learn from the world's most famous chess players, Deep Fritz lets you do it. As a complete PC chess engine geared towards advanced and competitive players, some gamers looking for a simple casual chess game may find the user interface and its dozens of advanced features to be quite overwhelming at first. But the ability to choose difficulty levels and the training mode make it suitable for players of all skill levels.


  • Complete PC chess engine with many advanced features for serious players.
  • Optimized to take advantage of latest PC hardware improvements.
  • Game comes with training mode and online references for those looking to improve their chess skills.
  • One of the most respected chess programs in the world.


  • Game may be overly complex for casual players.

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